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Alex is deeply relatable and has a very personal message to share with the world. She is completely exceptional on the topics of change & motivation.

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Speaking Topics

I'm a available as a keynote, expert panelist, workshop host for the following topics:

  • Physique and Psyche- Creating realistic fitness and nutrition routine that you can maintain along with the importance of transforming your B.S (belief system) 

  •  S.H.I.F.T- Stop Hiding In False Truths. How your generational trait inheritance is limiting your possibilities

  • Confidence Cognition- how to overcome the mindless defeats that cause self doubts and beauty dimorphia 

  • Marketing without Paying-How I generated 100 5 star podcast reviews in 7 days

  • Building a Brand from the Ground Up out of my garage

  • Impostor Syndrome Mastery-How to overcome impostor syndrome so you can step into your high self



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