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Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2020

Tis the season for sniffles, coughs and fevers. I can honestly say that my family has yet to see the inside of a doctor’s office in years. I am a firm believer that everything, including medicine, that goes into the body should be natural and made from a plant NOT in a plant.


Here is what is in my Medicine cabinet!!!

Silver Shield

I use liquid silver has a remedy for sore throat, cough and ear infections.

For myself I will just drink a Tbs of liquid silver off the spoon.

When my boys were between newborn to about 2 years old I would just drop a few (1-3 drops from a dropper) drops into one of their drinks for sore throats and coughs.

Now that they are 3 years + I will pour a small amount onto a Tbs (about 1/2 the TBS) combined with honey ( just a squirt out of my blue agave bottle) and FOUR (see bottom for more info) for sore thoughts and coughs.

For Ear infections, I will drop a few drops of it in the ear.

Silver Cream I use as a remedy for healing cuts.




Immune Boosters

  • Zinc & Enchinacea

This are my go to for cold and flu season.

When I am already feeling the sore throat come on and the cold has already started to take over my immune system I start popping these two together.

Enchinacea and Zinc together will start to fight whatever cold you may have contracted. I would start with 2 capsules in the am and 2 in the evening for 2 days.

One capsule of each after that, but you will already start to fell so much better after the2 days.



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